I have been taking 100mls of Bondi Wheatgrass per day since January of this year. I would like to let people know how marvellous this stuff is. I have never been so well. Generally I get colds, flu and sinus and can feel very fatigued. I have not had one cold or flu or any sinus trouble since taking wheatgrass. I no longer have intravenous vitamin C and B and I am no longer taking the herbs and vitamins I was taking before. Ten gold stars for Bondi Wheatgrass!! Everyone should take wheatgrass!!

Virginia Baker Woolf, Change Management and Coaching Consultant, VBW Consulting

Our cat 'Leo' is our son. He is now 14 years old. I hand raised him from 4 weeks of age. He is our guardian angel and protector, spiritual teacher and healer, and delivers unconditional love!

In January 2005, it broke our hearts when Leo was diagnosed with CRF Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure.

I hunted high and low for the reason why Leo should fall ill with this disease - toxic: tinned and packed foods, processed foods, inorganic foods, vaccines, pesticides-wormers and parasite drugs, antibiotics, all toxic and unrecognisable/foreign to the body- animal and human.

It was very hard for me to accept and I spent months blaming myself for his disease, as Leo was subjected to these for the first 7 years of his life due to the misguided and lack of education on my part.

It wasn't until 5 years ago I fell very ill myself. It was from this experience I learned and grew to explore my strong interest of alternative medicine, bach flowers, organic diet and nutrition.

I changed our diet and Leo's diet and lifestyle. I introduced wheatgrass into Leo's diet. Initially chopping it up finely and tossing it through Leo's meals - chicken & red meat causes too much stress and strain on the kidneys. WOW, not only did Leo smack his lips, but the dribble on his chin and the twinkle in his eye said it all. He wanted more!

Leo's energy and lust for life returned, his coat glossy and full of spunk, his urination Ph balance restored within 2-3 days from 2 months of cystitis (brought on by stress from CRF) and number two's passing proudly with ease, no more constipation!

For optimal health Leo is kept on 15ml of juice daily (6 days per week) and chopped wheatgrass every day. The wheatgrass replenishes Leo with vital minerals: Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium which is absolutely essential for support with CRF.

We are grateful to Rhonda, for it is because of her determination and success, 'Bond Wheatgrass Juice', she has enabled us to enrich and prolong our son Leo's life with strength and courage.

Rhonda, thank you and god bless you.

Yvette Louise, Wollstonecraft NSW

We have a lot of customers coming in on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They swear wheatgrass juice is the best hangover cure! It seems to work fantastically if you have been overdoing it.

The Health Emporium, Bondi Beach

As a freelance cameraman and sound recordist, I am constantly working exhausting hours and travelling extensively. I was beginning to feel run down and irritable. A friend suggested I try wheatgrass juice. Very quickly I realised I had more energy and my concentration improved dramatically. It also helps me recover from long international flights. I have been surprised at what a difference regular intake of the juice has made.

Andrew Timlins, Independent Camera Operator

In my work as a yoga teacher, I come across many people with sports related injuries and others with long term health problems. Those who have included wheatgrass juice in their diet, have noted a significant improvement in their overall health, their ability to work out for longer periods and greater resistance to niggling colds and flu.

I also work with senior citizens in helping to devise lifestyle programmes to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Now many of my regulars have taken to using wheatgrass juice. They insist they feel more energetic and on the ball. Wheatgrass juice boosts the immune system and helps with circulation disorders, so these benefits should come as no surprise.

Lena Rodriguez, MA, Childbirth Educator and Yoga Teacher

I am a young mother of a busy six year old boy. I was beginning to feel very run down and lethargic. After taking wheatgrass juice, my energy levels have risen and I can chase my son all day. My son has also benefited from wheatgrass and has managed to avoid all the usual germs and sicknesses from kindergarten and school.


I can highly recommend the staff at Bondi Wheatgrass for their helpfulness in supplying information, their punctuality with deliveries and their friendly attitude. They are very well organised and they are a pleasure to deal with.

Dr Marilyn Golden, MB ChB, Post Grad Cert Chinese Herbal Medicine, Dip Homoeopathy, Dip Clinical Nutrition, Dip Phytotherapy, Dip Aromatherapy, Post Grad Cert Menopausal Medicine, Chatswood

Bondi Wheatgrass Company has always been pleasant to deal with and efficient in their delivery service. They are also extremely consistent with their product.

Restaurant/Café Manager, Sydney International Airport

Just a quick email to say thankyou for such a wonderful alternative to every-day dietary supplements. Since a friend suggested wheatgrass to me, I cannot look back. I have become an annoying advocate of wheatgrass to work colleagues and friends. I am no longer run-down and tired, but more energised all day. Thank you.

Lucie Clark, No 1 Wheatgrass Addict