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Living Grass Trays

Note: Shipping Sydney and NSW regional centers only.

The Bondi Wheatgrass Company uses certified organic seed and soil and uses water filtered through a ‘Grander Water System’. With love and care we grow the wheatgrass from seed ourselves.

Trays of growing wheat or barleygrass ready for juicing are available direct from our premises at Malabar, home delivered in the Sydney Metro area or couriered throughout NSW regional centers.

Trays look beautiful and attract interest when on display, the wheatgrass is alive and growing until you cut it for juicing. Remember: Fresh is Best!

All DISPLAY trays are now: $25.00 large and $15.00 half trays

Photograph of the Wheatgrass TrayFresh Wheatgrass Trays - large

Size: Large 51cm x 34cm

Trays of growing wheatgrass ready for juicing are available direct from our retail outlet or home delivered in the Sydney metro area.

One tray produces approximately 500ml of juice.

Dr Ann Wigmore, pioneer of the healing and nutritional properties of wheat grass, maintains that wheat grass contains all the elements the body needs to revitalize and rebuild. It provides essential vitamins such as C, B-complex, A and E as well as vital minerals, amino acids and enzymes to aid the body in elimination of waste.

[ Call now to buy ] Wheat grass AUD $25.00 (Retail)

[ Call now to buy ] Wheat grass AUD $23.10 (Wholesale)

[ Call now to buy ] Barley grass AUD $25.00 (Retail & Wholesale)

Half Tray WheatgrassFresh Wheatgrass Trays - Half Tray

Size: Half Tray 29cm x 34cm

It's quite possible to get a beneficial effect by chewing on the tender grass stalks and then spitting out what is left after the juice has gone. Otherwise wheat grass is best juiced slowly so as not to destroy the enzymes. Refer to our Juicers section for more information on selecting a suitable wheatgrass juicer.

[ Call now to buy ] Wheat grass AUD $13.20 (Retail)

[ Call now to buy ] Wheat grass AUD $13.20 (Wholesale)

[ Call now to buy ] Barley grass AUD $13.20 (Retail & Wholesale)

Photograph of Wheatgrass Critter TrayCritter Trays

Critter Trays for pets.

A half tray of wheat grass ready for pets to nibble on throughout the week. Give your pets the best grass available!

Remember, in liquid form, wheat grass juice is easily digestible and readily acts on your pet's body. It is especially high in calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and potassium as well as zinc and selenium.

[ Call now to buy ] AUD $10.00

PunnetWheatgrass Punnets

Convenient handy size punnets.

Our punnets of fresh growing organic wheatgrass will yield up to 3 shots of juice, depending on grass length. They can be kept in the fridge for freshness.

$3.00 each and available in trays of 4 ($12.00 per tray) or 8 punnets tray ($24.00)

[ Call now to buy ] AUD $3.00 each

Cutting WheatgrassFreshly Harvested Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass harvested daily. Equal to yield of one full tray of growing wheatgrass. This bagged product is convenient for storage, must be refrigerated with a 5 day use by.

Freshly harvested (or cut) wheatgrass should be consumed within 5-7 days.

[ Call now to buy ] AUD $26.00

Each large tray yields approximately 500mls of juice per tray and has a shelf life (if watered) of approx 5 days.

If wheatgrass starts to grow too long on the tray before it is all used, the remaining grass should be harvested and placed in plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Harvested grass will last another 5 to 7 days refrigerated.