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Wheatgrass & Barley Grass Professional Growers Kit

Everything you require to grow your own organic trays of wheatgrass at home.

If you are really serious about eating ‘living super foods’ then growing your own wheatgrass is the way to go, as the cost in time or money is minimal (approx $0.45 per shot) compared with the great and ongoing benefit you will experience.

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GK (no Juicer) $65.00 Add to Cart
GKSZ inc. Squeezy Mk3 $143.00 Add to Cart
GKSS inc. Stainless Steel Juicer $205.00 Add to Cart

Wheatgrass & Barley Grass Professional Growers Kit

We supply everything necessary to grow your own trays of wheatgrass and barleygrass at home.

The Professionals Grower's Kit include:

Roll of unbleached tray liners free with any purchase if requested.