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Everything you require to grow your own organic trays of wheatgrass at home.

If you are really serious about eating ‘living super foods’ then growing your own wheatgrass is the way to go, as the cost in time or money is minimal (approx $0.45 per shot) compared with the great and ongoing benefit you will experience.

Be your own physician and heal yourself!

Wheatgrass Growers KitProfessional Growers Kit

The Professionals Grower's Kit include:

[ more info ] [ buy now ] AUD $65.00

Wheatgrass Growers KitStarter Kit

The starter grower's packs include:

[ more info ] [ buy now ] AUD $30.00

Kit Supplies

Code Type $
WSEED Organic Wheat Seed (per kilo) $5.00 Add to Cart
WB01 Organic Barley Seed (per kilo) $8.00 Add to Cart
VOL Volcanic Rock Soil Improver (per kilo) $5.50 Add to Cart
SOIL Organic Soil (20 kilo) $11.00 Add to Cart
TRAY1 Growing Trays (large) $5.50 Add to Cart
TRAY2 Growing Trays (small) $2.75 Add to Cart

Bondi Wheatgrass sources its certified organic (or biodynamic) wheat seed from an organic farm in South Australia. South Australian Wheat seed contains no mould unlike wheatseed sourced from silos along the Eastern Seaboard, which tend to attract mould as the eastern coast has a humid heat compared to the dry heat of South Australia.

The seed is especially grown for Bondi Wheatgrass and is not stored for years or more as is the case with many large seed collecting stations and the seed is despatched to us soon after harvest, so the seed you get from BWG is fresher and mould free.

We supply everything necessary to grow your own trays of wheatgrass and barleygrass at home, ready to harvest and juice. Both Starter Kits and Professional Growers Kits are available and professional assistance is available if required.