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Single Gear Juicers

If you want a really powerful start to your mornings the single gear or single 'augure' juicers are a must! Very light, easy to clean and very easy to use and most single augure juicers come with a 12 year warranty on the motor and five year on the parts.

BioChef Axis Cold Press Juicer

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BioChef Axis Compact Cold Press Juicer

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Oscar Neo Plus DA 1200 Juicer

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Oscar Neo DA 1000 JuicerOscar Neo DA 1000 Juicer

Introducing the Oscar Neo DA 1000, the World's First Ultem Tough Oscar Juicer!
The Oscar Neo Living Juicer is our new and latest modern and most advanced of our non-centrifugal juicers!

The latest model Oscar Neo DA 1000 continues the features of our previous models with its single gear, 3 step auger crushing system, with mortar and pestle action to keep those vital nutrients alive for 48 hours.

Its gentle, slow-turning action produces greater quantities of juice and retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre! It still performs such a multitude of tasks like juicing, grinding, ice cream making, pasta and noodle making and much much more.

It comes with a twenty year motor warranty and a ten year parts warranty as well as our one month money back satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty.

[ more info ] [ buy now ] AUD $520.00

Warranties, Service & Repair and Spare Parts:

Please contact us with your query. We carry a full range of spare parts for all our juicers.

More Information

A slow moving or ‘living juicer’ gently squeezes the juice from the pulp, or in the case of wheatgrass, the juice from the blade of grass. This ‘slow moving , or cold press action helps keep the molecules walls intact enabling the vital nutrients and enzymes to stay alive for up to 48 hours, if refrigerated.

The quality of your juice after being put through a slow moving, single gear juicer is superior to conventional, ‘centrifugal type’ juicers both in taste and nutrient content. Another feature of the single gear juicers is the ‘six in one’ component. Attachments provided in the juicer pack include nozzles for pasta making, nut butters, coffee grinding, and frozen fruit ice cream.