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Dr Wheatgrass® Supershots

The world's first and only stabilised, biologically active liquid wheatgrass. Simply the easiest and tastiest way to benefit from the numerous health-giving qualities of wheatgrass. The brainchild of the world's leading wheatgrass therapist, Australia's Dr. Chris Reynolds, Dr Wheatgrass® Supershots are revolutionising the way the world takes wheatgrass.

This tasty, longlife wheatgrass in a bottle has all the benefits of the fresh grass but is much more convenient to use. The bottle contains enough wheatgrass for a shot a day for a month and will provide you with energy, immunity and well being.

NB: The organic Wheatgrass used in the Super Shots is grown by a NASAA accredited grower.

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Dr Wheatgrass® Supershots New Improved Formulation

All the benefits of wheatgrass juice that you can take anywhere, any time

Dr Wheatgrass LogoThis is what Dr. Chris has to say about Supershots:

Dr Wheatgrass SupershotsDr Wheatgrass® Super-Shots organically grown wheatgrass sprouts are juiced at their peak of biological activity and nutritional value. They contain naturally occurring growth factor stimulants, antioxidants, vitamins, phytosterols, amino acids and minerals vital to the maintenance of good health and wellbeing.

What other benefits are there?


Take 5 mls (1 capful) daily. Half dosage for children.
For best results, retain in mouth for a minute or two before swallowing.

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