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Harris Farm logoHARRIS FARMS now with fresh wheatgrass

BONDI WHEATGRASS are now proudly supplying all 22 of the Harris Farm stores with beautiful living punnets of premium organic wheatgrass. We've created this specialty product as a handy way to buy fresh wheatgrass. One punnet will yield around 3 shots of wheatgrass juice.

So the next time you are shopping for your green groceries, be sure to pop some wheatgrass into your trolley!

For store locations in and around Sydney make sure you visit the Harris Farms website.

Top Juice wheatgrass logoTop Juice = Top Quality

BWG is extremely proud to be part of the delicious showcase of fresh ingredients on offer at TOP JUICE stores.

Top Juice recognise quality, which is why they choose to stock our fresh wheatgrass for juicing. You can enjoy a shot of wheatgrass on it's own, or choose to mix it up from their extensive selection of fruit and veg to make a healthy wheatgrass cocktail.

Top Juice is not your average juice bar. When you walk into Top Juice you will be swept up in the artful design and the myriad of colours and aromas of their fresh food selection, which includes rare exotic fruits. Top Juice stores not only offer juice, they have a mouth watering selection of fruit salads, mueslis, smoothies, yoghurts, soups and more. With 16 locations in and around Sydney, make sure you visit Top Juice.

Boost Juice logoThe Healing of Australia

BWG is now the largest supplier of fresh organic wheatgrass in the Southern Hemisphere, proudly supplying organic biodymnamic wheatgrass to all BOOST JUICE stores throughout NSW.

Boost juice sell over 1 million juices and smoothies every month. So next time you are feeling a little low, call in to your nearest Boost Juice Bar in New South Wales and proudly ask for a shot of Australia's best grown wheatgrass - BWG wheatgrass!

Remember 30mls a day keeps the doctor away!

Nudie JuiceNudie Juice with Wheatgrass Juice

Nudie Juice has just released a new crushie drink:
lots of green fruit, wheatgrass & more

Bondi Wheatgrass was there to supply the fresh wheatgrass for all the displays during the recent launch.

while there is nothing better than freshly juiced wheatgrass, straight from the tray, these great Nudie juices are probably the next best thing, especially when you're craving for something green, and there's no Wheatgrass Juice Bar in sight!

Udos OilsUdos Oils New Product 2007

Udo's Choice Perfected (or Ultimate) 3, 6, 9 Oil Blend is a certified organic blend of guaranteed GMO-free, unrefined edible oils. This unique blend delivers a reliable source of the omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids that are essential to life, and includes the omega 9 fatty acids.

Ultimate Oil Blend is pressed and filtered in a state-of-the-art, low heat, light and oxygen-free environment to maximize stability and provide nutritional value and freshness.

Read more about our range of Udos Oils.

Geofeat CompetitionWin a Compact Juicer

Bondi Wheatgrass has recently partnered with Geofeat International, in a month long competition to win a fabulous Compact Juicer and copies of 'The Organic Food Guide: How to Shop Smarter and Eat Healthier' by Steve Meyerowitz. Entry is free and competition closes 1 July 2007.

Visit Geofeat Competition to enter. Good luck!

Dr Wheatgrass SupershotsDr Wheatgrass® NEW Supershots Now Available

Read more about Dr Wheatgrass Super Shots.

Hilton Hotel, Sydney
Chooses Bondi Organic Wheatgrass

After recently spending $200 million on a makeover, the Sydney Hilton Hotel has chosen Bondi Wheatgrass Juice Company to supply its hotel with fresh, organic wheatgrass. When only the best will do, then the choice was simple - Bondi organic wheatgrass.

Find out more about using Bondi wheatgrass for presentations and displays.

She's The Boss - The Sunday Telegraph

Today, more women are turning their backs on the corporate world in favour of starting their own businesses. Joanna Hall speaks to four female entrepreneurs about the pay-offs - and pitfalls - of working for yourself.

At 56, Rhonda Boswell credits wheatgrass juice for her good health, her insatiable energy, and for turning a green-fingered hobby into the Bondi Wheatgrass Juice Company.

Boswell's background isn't typical of most entrepreneurs. She started out as a model and actor, then married and had children at a young age. Her passion for wheatgrass began in the 1970s while raising her children in Bellingen, New South Wales. "I thought it was such a complete health food: she says, "so I started growing it and supplying it to the local community. But when the kids grew up, I stopped…

Download the full article (~32kb PDF).

Bondi Wheatgrass in Marcs

Check out these photos of Bondi Wheatgrass in Marcs Clothing Store, Centrepoint, Sydney!

Find out more about using Bondi Wheatgrass for presentations and displays.

Bondi Wheatgrass to Exhibit at the 8th Annual Businesswomen's Seminar & Expo Day

This national event combines inspiring presentations by some of the country's leading entrepreneurs, practical business skills workshops, and an exposition showcasing products and services pertinent to small business.

View the program details (including date, time and member savings).

Bondi Wheatgrass Supports Local Community

Bondi Wheatgrass Company is a socially aware company which believes all people have a right to the nutrients needed, towards health no matter one's life choices or circumstances.

Bondi Wheatgrass donates trays of fresh wheatgrass on a weekly basis to Rough Edges in Darlinghurst, who provide services to the Street Community of inner City Sydney.

Bondi Wheatgrass Company spoke with Jane French, a long serving counsellor at Rough Edges who heads the project. Jane French agrees it is a wonderful opportunity that has sparked a new awareness with some of the Street Community, showing them how valued they are and that quality of life is not just survival.

Jane says, "It really is a luxury for the Street Community - one that they may not have been aware of or thought they deserved. Because of involvement in this project it is indirectly helping them become aware of how it feels to take responsibiltiy for one's health and to make positive life choices.""

For more information, please visit the Rough Edges Community Centre.

ABC Gardening Australia Show

Last September Bondi Wheatgrass exhibited at the ABC's Gardening Australia Show held at Sydney Olympic Park. For over 4 days we juiced fresh, organic wheatgrass for curious passers by, and answered questions throughout the day: ranging from the health benefits of consuming fresh wheatgrass juice, to juicing at home, and even growing trays at home.

It was great to talk to so many interested people, and the follow feedback we got since the show has been tremendous, with many new 'wheatgrass' converts sprouting up all over Sydney!

We look forward to our next trade show. Stay stunned for more information.